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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, all our coffee blends contain natural caffeine from real coffee beans. The amount of caffeine varies depending on the blend and serving size.

Our coffee blends are free from gluten and nuts. We recommend checking the ingredients list to address any specific dietary concerns.

Absolutely! All our coffee blends are crafted from 100% organic ingredients, responsibly sourced from certified growers and producers. Our commitment to organic ingredients ensures that you receive a high-quality and flavorful cup of coffee.

Keep our coffee blends in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Ensure the packaging is sealed to retain freshness.

Our blends are crafted to provide benefits like improved cognition, boosted athletic performance, elevated mood, and reduced anxiety. However, it's important to note that experiences can vary from person to person. If you have any health-related questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to your doctor or a healthcare professional.

Our blends contain caffeine and natural ingredients. If you're pregnant, breastfeeding, or have health concerns, consider consulting with a healthcare professional before consuming our coffee products.

Our coffee can be brewed using any standard method like drip coffee makers, French press, or espresso machines. Using fresh, cold water and following the suggested coffee-to-water ratio ensures an excellent brew.

After you place an order with us, it typically takes about 2-5 business days to get it ready and then 1-4 business days for it to be delivered to your doorstep in the United States and 2-5 business days internationally! Just a heads up, if you need to make any changes to your order, please do so within the first 24 hours.

Don't worry! If you receive an item that's damaged or defective, or if your order gets lost along the way, we're here to help. Just reach out to our friendly customer support team within 14 days of getting your order or the estimated delivery date. Send us a photo and a brief description of the problem, and we'll take it from there. If the issue is on our end, we'll send you a replacement or issue a full refund, no questions asked. If you choose a replacement, we'll ship it out within 3 business days. If you prefer a refund, it will be processed to your original payment method in just a few working days.

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